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    Kathak is one of the fundamental classifications of old Indian established move and is customarily respected to have started from the voyaging minstrels of North India alluded as Kathakars or storytellers. These Kathakars meandered around and imparted incredible stories through music, move and tunes very like the early Greek theater. The class created amid the Bhakti development, the pattern of mystical commitment which advanced in medieval Hinduism. The Kathakars impart stories through cadenced foot developments, hand signals, outward appearances and eye work. This performing craftsmanship that consolidates legends from old folklore and awesome Indian sagas, particularly from the life of Lord Krishna turned out to be very mainstream in the courts of North Indian kingdoms. Three particular types of this sort is three gharanas (schools), which for the most part vary in accentuation given to footwork as opposed to acting, are more renowned to be specific, the Jaipur gharana, the Benaras gharana and the Lucknow gharana.