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    About Konark

    The Sun Temple, the shoreline, the rich culture and legacy make Konark a standout amongst the most prominent traveler goals of Odisha. It is likewise home to Konark Dance and Music celebration, one of the most established and prominent social celebrations of India. Otherwise called Konaditya, Konark is arranged in the Puri region of Odisha on the shores of the Bay of Bengal. The name Konark is gotten from two words – Kona significance corner and Arka, which means sun.

    While the sanctuary currently stands halfway demolished; a portion of its figures are saved in the Museum kept up by Archeological Survey of India. The lovely 700-year-old Sun Temple is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a building wonder. The Sun Temple and different sanctuaries were worked amid the lead of King Narsimhadeva I (1236-1264) of the Ganga tradition. Konark likewise discovers specify in the Puranas as Mundira or Mundirasvamin. Amid the twelfth century, Muslim rulers attacked India. Be that as it may, when the Muslim govern debilitated after the demise of Mohammad Ghori, Hindu rulers considered it to be a chance to confine the advances of the Muslims. A wild fight was battled between Tughan Khan and King Narsimhadeva I, in which the Hindu lord won. The Sun Temple was developed as a triumph dedication.