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    Simlipal National Park

    Taking its name from the wealth of semul or red silk cotton trees that blossom clearly here, the Simlipal National Park is home to three of India’s greatest creature species – Tiger, Asian Elephant and Gaur. Spread over a sprawling territory of 2750 sq. kms, the recreation center is at an elevation of 559.31 meters. Simlipal Tiger Reserve is celebrated for best care of tigers in india.

    Similipal National Park is located between 21° 35’ and 22° 01’ north latitude and 86° 13’ and 86° 37’ east longitude. It is situated within Mayurbhanj district of Orissa state. It is a proposed National Park notified in two phases, first on 6th August 1980 over an area of 303 km and subsequently 542.70 km² of area was added to it on 11th June 1986 making the total area of the Park 845.70 km² under sub-section-(1) of Section-35 of the Wildlife (Protection) Act-1972(53 of 1972). The significance of the National Park is its rich biodiversity.

    Set on a wide span of Sal woods, this stop is settled in the simple focus of Mayurbhanj, the northernmost locale of Odisha (Orissa). Outstanding varieties in geography, favorable atmosphere and required vegetation has bolstered substantial assortments of creatures, flying creatures and reptiles to thrive in one of the most punctual and best of India’s 15 Tiger saves falling under Project Tiger. A forested, uneven landscape 200 km south-west of Kolkata, the hold is supplied with a remarkable biodiversity. Of the hold’s just about 1,000 types of blossoming plants, 94 are orchids, a significant number of which are on appear at the little show at Gurguria.