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    Konark Sun Temple

    The Konark Sun Temple is situated along the coastline of Odisha, around three km from the ocean, and is intensely beautified with stone cutting. The whole sanctuary complex appears as the Sun God’s transcending chariot drawn by seven ponies on twelve sets of perfectly brightened wheels at its base. The whole sanctuary complex is secured with wonderful models like the sanctuaries of Khajuraho. At the passageway of the sanctuary is the Natamandir, where the sanctuary artists used to perform moves in tribute to the Sun God. The move celebration is hung on a similar stage. Sun Temple Konark showcases how the Sun god roams about on his royal chariot. This temple I India is meant to be worshipped by the people from all the sects and from all walks of life, as the Sun God is indispensible in everyone’s life.

    Designed and constructed in the form of a pyramid and stretching above like a tower, Konark Sun Temple resembles the structural formation of the temples that can be found in Kalinga. As you take an elaborate view of the Sun Temple at Konark, you get to notice the Audience Hall and some parts of the Dancing as well as the Dining hall. And what you notice while entering the temple is that the face of the temple is in the East-West direction. Adding more to the information about the Konark temple, the area of the Sun Temple of Konark is 857 ft by 540 ft.The Konark Sun Temple is a thirteenth century Sun Temple built from oxidized and weathered ferruginous sandstone. The sanctuary is a case of Orissan design of the Ganga tradition. The sanctuary is a standout amongst the most prestigious sanctuaries in India and is a World Heritage Site.