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    International Sand Art Festival

    The International Sand Artist Festival celebrates the spectacular displays of sand artists from India and from other many countries. The soft golden sands are sculpted into various magnificent forms. Wood, stone, bronze and other attractions are added to the exhibition. Skilled sculptors bring to life the wonderful sand exhibits on the seashores of Chandrabhaga beach.Famous Orissa sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik who has been awarded the Padma Shree for his marvelous art is the brand ambassador of the event. As many as 30 Indian and 10 foreign artists are expected to participate in International Sand Art Festival organized in Orissa. Best sand artists from Mexico, Spain, Singapore, France, Norway, Germany, Netherland & USA and remaining 20 artists are from different states of India will participate and produce sand art. The cut-throat competition between participants is definitely a sight to watch. The creator of best sand art will win a prize of INR 100,000.