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    Tikarpada Wildlife Sanctuary

    Tikarpada Wildlife asylum is juxtaposition with the Satkosia George where winding River Mahanadi dives into the Eastern Ghat. Situated at separation of 200 kms from the sanctuary city of Bhubaneshwar, nature unfurls a few its most excellent puzzles in type of Tikarpada. The asylum lying in the midst of the thick fronts of woodland has the windy Mahandai confusing the Eastern Ghat and the framing a 22 km long relentless George named Satkosia. Lying in the region of Angul, the haven presents a standout amongst the most magnificent perspectives of scenes sustained by waterways.

    Tikarpada haven has numerous lovely features covered up for the spectators. The asylum is acclaimed for the Gharial Crocodile reproducing. The examination and studies led in Tikarpada has been instrumental in recovering life into the blurring populace of these amazingly undermined species. The woodlands of Tikarpada are protected by the fiercest mammoths like Tigers and Leopards. The crowds of monster Asiatic elephants can likewise be seen alongside langurs, rhesus macaque, spotted deer, pangolin, and neelgai, sambhar, mouse deer, eland and sloth bear. The avian like Hornbill, Racket Drongo and Serpent Eagle likewise rushes around the forested areas of this great haven. The gharial asylum is home for some, reptiles like turtles and reptiles. The asylum is additionally the abode for some venoms.

    Tikarpada town lies at a separation of 160 kms from the capital city of Orissa and is known to be the heaven for vacationers for the nearness of some stunning views. Slopes, streams and thick green woods encompass this town. These virgin common marvels are still a long way from the span of the people and holds alluring charms which reenergize your spirit with constructive energies. The uneven territory of this area suits numerous audacious exercises and the rushes guaranteed by them can run shudders underneath your spine. Sculling, calculating, trekking and shake climbing epitomizes couple of such exercises.

    How to reach

    The nearest cities to Tikarpada are Angul 58 kms, Talcher 78 kms and Dhenkenal 120 kms.

    The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar which if 160 kms from the Tikarpada town and 200 kms from the Tikarpada Sanctuary.