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    Mukteswar Dance Festival

    The little and exquisite Mukteswar Temple with its celebrated stone curve at the passage is the diamond of Orissan Architecture. The sanctuary is additionally imperative as a change point between the early and later periods of Kalinga School of Architecture for which this move celebration is named after the said sanctuary. The embellishments of Mukteswar and Parsurameswar sanctuary mirror the best of Orissan Architectural Style and give a perfect stage to the Odissi Classical Dance. The Mukteswar Temple in Bhubaneswar, renowned for its exquisitely cut angled door is considered as one of the best cases of Odishan design. The complex of this amazing sanctuary fills in as the scene of the Mukteswar Dance Festival. This celebration commends the unrivaled charm of Odissi, the traditional move type of Odisha. Star Odissi artists tapping their feet to the strokes of the going with instruments like mardal hypnotize the group of onlookers with their great clothing and agile developments.