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    Culture And Tradition

    Sambalpur Lok Mahotsav

    A cultural manifestation of the hidden age-old traditional performing art of a vast geographical area is possible through this annual celebration of the festival in the name of ”Lok Mahotsav”. This festival is a reflection of the socio- anthropological evolution of the people of India. Lok Mahotsav shows the integrity & unison of the heritage, culture, music & lifestyle of Kosal. Live performances of folk music, dance from all parts of India are shown under one splendid stage.

    Sital Sasthi

    It is the marriage ceremony of God Siva & Goddess Parvati. Sitalsasthi is a carnival of folk dance and music along with decorated stands of Gods and Goddesses. People from all walks of life participate in large numbers in the carnival. Artists from different states of India take part in the carnival making it a colourful extravaganza.