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    ASI museum konark

    The Konark exhibition hall began in the year 1968 and kept up by the Archeological Survey of India. The exhibition hall is situated close to the primary sanctuary in the north bearing. The gallery has four exhibitions that grandstand 260 diverse fallen compositional pieces and figures that were found amid the leeway work of Konark sanctuary complex. The Konark exhibition hall is a fortune house for students of history and craftsmanship darlings and is open for open. First display of the gallery holds 62 artifacts, out of which the picture of Surya in sand stone, the Khandolite constructed remade wheel, different manifestations of Lord Visnu, and so on are a noteworthy attractions.

    Second display shows 108 relics including remade mass of sanctuary, the drummer and the leader of the crocodile in massive nature. Third exhibition of this historical center features 45 objects like divine fairies, picture of Surya Narayana, Gaja Vyala, the lord and his troop and different suggestive figures. Late expansion to the historical center is the fourth display, which holds show of 45 antiques including thundering lion, man tied by the elephant trunk, some portion of a Surya picture, sensual couples and ruler seeing move exhibitions are a portion of the craftsmanships showed at this exhibition.