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    Dhanu Yatra

    Ruler Krishna is a critical legendary character in Hindu Mythology. Master Krishna is revered in Orissa and different parts of India with incredible intensity. The other name of Krishna is Jagannath and Puri is popular for the Jagannath Temple. Dhanu Yatra of Orissa is a vital celebration that depends on the fanciful stories of ‘Bhagawat Purana’. Master Krishna with his brilliant stories draws in different voyagers to partake in this celebration of Orissa.

    Description of Dhanu Yatra: Lord Krishna’s unbelievable stories draw Hindu aficionados from great distances abroad to encounter the rich religious culture of India. Dhanu Yatra of Orissa depends on the narrative of Krishna who went to Mathura to onlooker the service of ‘Bow’ sorted out by Kansa, the then King of Mathura. The word ‘Dhanu’ signifies ‘Bow’. The celebration happens in the Sambalpur District of Orissa. Amid this celebration vacationer assembles from various parts of the state and witnesses different nearby exhibitions. These exhibitions are held particularly toward the evening. Other amusement programs and social shows make the event a brilliant one.