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    Mohiniattam or Mohiniyattam is an Indian traditional move shape that advanced in the province of Kerala, India, and is considered as a part of the two famous move crafts of the express, the other being Kathakali. In spite of the fact that its foundations go back to the well established Sanskrit Hindu content on performing expressions called 'Natya Shastra', like other Indian traditional move frames, Mohiniattam sticks to the Lasya write that exhibits a more agile, delicate and ladylike type of moving. Mohiniattam gets its name from the word 'Mohini', a female symbol of Lord Vishnu. Traditionally a performance move performed by female craftsmen, it acts out a play through moving and singing where the melody is usually in Manipravala which is a blend of Sanskrit and Malayalam dialect and the recitation might be either performed by the artist herself or by a vocalist with the music style being Carnatic.