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    Chandan Yatra

    Having commended a large group of religious celebrations, the devout place that is known for Puri praises the Chandan Yatra, a celebration that denotes the finish of the cycle of religious celebrations. Beginning from Akshyaya Trutiya the celebration goes on for twenty-one days. The name of the celebration is extremely representative as shoe glue prominently known as chandan and water are its indivisible constituents. This tradition is followed in some other parts of the state as well. Images of gods are taken out in procession on palanquins to the nearby tanks and perambulated in water on boats. After the ceremony which usually takes place at mid-night, people enjoy performances of dance, drama and music specially arranged for this occasion. But in all the temples outside Puri, this fest is observed only for the last three days. That is the reason the celebration is held in the long stretch of Baisakh, a period when the mid year warm is at its pinnacle and shoe glue and water are basic to keep the general population cool. Thousands of pilgrims flock the land of Lord Jagannath for this festival. During the festival, the road from the Lord's shrine till Narendra Sarobar (a sacred tank in Puri town) is decorated very beautifully. Arches or big torans are erected in front of monasteries and at cross-roads, as the idols take casual rest here and receive offerings.