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    About Koraput

    The District of Koraput gets its name from its base camp, the present town of koraput. In old occasions, when the Nalas were controlling over this tract, pushkari, the cutting edge Umerkote was the capital city. In the medieval period, Nandapur created as the capital under the Silavamsi rulers and in some cases under the lords of the Solar tradition. Virvikram, Deo of the Solar administration moved his home office to Jeypore about the center of the 17 century and this town succeeded as the capital. Koraput was picked by the British in 1870 for better wellbeing prospects. The root of the name of koraput is dark. There are a few speculations, none of which is persuading. As indicated by Mr.R.C.S.Belll, the principal District Magistrate and Collector,koraput, the name of the town is “Kora– putti” or “the villa of the nuxvomica” and it is gotten probably from a tree or trees that must at one time have been noticeable close to the site. In any case, to– day not a solitary tree of nux– vomica is found close about the town of koraput thus the suspicion of Mr. Ringer is available to address.

    The entire of the locale of koraput includes the ex– zamindaries of Jeypore and kashipur. Vinayak Deo, the organizer of the present Jeypore Raj family, acquired the kingdom of the Silvamsis by the center of the fifteenth century A.D. The capital of the kingdom,however, lost its freedoms in 1571 when it ended up feudatory of the Qutub shahis of Golkonda and the Nandapur rulers began paying yearly tribute to the Sultans. Amid the season of Balaram Deo III ( 1711– 1713) huge number of Zamindars and feudatories withdrew from the Jeypore kingdom with the assistance of the Marathas. Vikram Deo I, the then ruler, kept down those domains in lieu of a yearly lease of Rs 40,000/ – of which close to three– fourths was ever paid. It was amid the run of Vikram Deo II that the capital of kingdom was at long last exchanged to Jeypore, the Princely State under the Maharaja Vikram Dev of Jeypore. Maharaja of Jeypore assumed a vital part alongside Maharaja Krushna Chandra Gajapati of paralakhemundi in the flexibility battle and additionally during the time spent unification of Odisha.On 1.4.1936, the recent District of koraput appeared Mr.R.C.S.Bell was the principal District Magistrate and Collector, Koraput. On 1.10.1992, the District of koraput was separated into four Districts– present koraput,Rayagada, Malkangiri and Nowarangpur.